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Attracts predatory fish by transforming solar light into vibration.

When sun hits the back of the lure, the solar cell mounted inside the lure starts vibrating. Motion of the lure sends out the vibration on the water surface in the same way as real insects do.

Here comes water strider! (picture, top right)They are always the first ones to arrive.

This works in all possible hiding places: moss, weeds, and under different obstacles such as fallen trees and rocks, as this stays in one spot and vibrates.

A small amount of light is enough to start the lure vibration.
It vibrates about three to five times per second.
It moves the same way dying insects move.

The solar action lure is a regular lure where there's no sun. Once placedunder the sun, it starts to vibrate. Blackbass often lie under shade rightby the bank. Cast the lure where a blackbass is hiding, then slowly andcarefully move the lure towards the sun.
The blackbass loses interest in the lure and then will gobble the lure as it starts vibrating.

Since this lure works on solar power, it works almost forever as long as it is in the sun.

Solar dater Popper
(14.5g. Floating US$18.50)
Large protruding lower lip and jaw. Solid body. Due to the weight balancein the center, this creates a popping sound and action that appeals tofish.
The sound is similar to the activity of large land insects.
Fish are attracted to the rattling sound it makes.

Solar Surface Crank (13.5g. Floating US$18.50)
Small standing lips and solid body. This swims about a foot and a halfbelow the surface.
This move simulates a dying small fish.
You can enjoy innovative top & shallow fishing with this cranking action and solar vibration.

Solar Cicada (14.3g. Floating US$19.50)

Solar Frog (14.5g. Floating US$23.50)


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How to make the SOLAR ACTION LURES

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